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About Us


What draws most people to join our club?  It’s the atmosphere or non-biased, safe and skilled training.  We aren’t your run-of-the-mill flat range shooting club, as we love to teach and help others develop the skills to enjoy shooting sports, and the ability to be safe, and responsible.  Our club philosophy is focused on providing a safe, fun and educational environment for beginners, through advanced shooters.  We believe that shooting on a range is very beneficial, but to fully prepare to be able to protect yourself and your family, or to be a safe and effective sport shooter, training has to include factors that cannot be learned at a static range. 

UT45 bases its learning on Law Enforcement and Military training qualification testing, and includes 3 basic tiers of member certifications, based on those qualification requirements.  In order to move to the next tier, each member must successfully qualify on that tier’s qualification course.  This could include handgun and rifle marksmanship, movement, rapid firing, and other skills.  Members are not required to advance in qualification, and can do so at their own speed.

Qualification “Tiers” include:

-          Tier 3-member qualification:   Includes all new members to the club regardless of background or skill level.  Members train in a structured environment to develop multiple skills and prepare for range qualification testing and certification.   Advanced member may progress to Tier 2, and even Tier 1 at a more rapid pace than those less experienced.  Tier 3 events include off line instruction, range practice and mentorship from a senior club member/instructor.

-          Tier 2-member qualification:  Once a member successfully transitions from Tier 3 to Tier 2, they will be able to join other more advanced skills development and training.  This could include firearms, communications, equipment, and even force on force (airsoft) skills training.

-          Tier 1-member qualification:  This level of skill includes the most advanced members of the team, often those with a strong background in firearms, along with Military, Law Enforcement, and related training.  Tier 1 members are required to purchase more advanced equipment to allow them to safely participate in group training.

Safety is paramount to training with firearms, and UT45 has a strong safety program that we adhere to.  Range days will have clearly marked areas for observation, range training, and preparation.  UT45 personnel are assigned roles such as Range Officers, Safety Officers, Medic’s, and administration staff.  However, our members are each tasked with being an active part of our safety team, with any individual authorized to call a stop to training or range activities, should they see a potential hazard

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Please note, UT45 invites all persons to join our membership, but does not admit individuals who want to learn firearm and shooting skills for nefarious purposes.  UT45 makes every effort to remove persons from our membership that support anti-government, racist, biased or violent purposes, groups or causes.  We are not aligned with any political party or social cause.  We are merely a group of people who believe in second amendment freedoms, personal protection, and supporting our military and law enforcement services.  Many members are current or past members of the military and law enforcement, or first responders.  If you do not agree with the concept of a non-biased organization, please consider not participating in our events.

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