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UT45 Shooters Club is a dynamic shooting club based in Utah County. We are a group made up diverse backgrounds. On our membership roles you’d find first responders, blue collar guys and gals, veterans, IT professionals, construction workers, moms and dads, fabricators, real estate inspection specialists, business owners and welders. There really isn’t a “type” in our club. We champion and recruit shooting enthusiasts from all walks of life and all experience levels.

What draws most people to join our club? It is the atmosphere, training, and training equipment we offer. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill flat range shooting club. Taking a look at our page photos and videos, you’ll see the cornerstone of our club philosophy:

Safe, realistic, dynamic shooting. There is a time and place for the “flat range” and we do that occasionally. But what sets UT45 apart is another one of our core principles: shoot, move and communicate. How do we do that? By capitalizing on our training team’s vast experience across all spectrum's and firearms types.

We use the building block approach at every event. One would call that crawl, walk, run. And that’s why people who come out for one of our events fall in love with us so quickly. Our club isn’t a bunch of dudes sitting around bragging all day about their gear, their gun(s) or past exploits. Our measuring stick is getting up on the line or running the drill and putting hits on target. Making noise doesn’t end a gunfight and we drive that point home at every opportunity. People in our club are willing to help a shooter coming into the group learn how to shoot better without making them feel intimidated or foolish.

What type of training do we offer and do as a club? Great question. Take a look.

Basic Pistol, Defensive Pistol I - II & III, Basic Carbine, Gun fighting With A Partner, Long Range Rifle, Low-Light Defensive Pistol, Vehicle Counter Ambush, Low-Light Vehicle CQB, Convoy Operations, Medical Training, Fun Shots (Zombie Shot), Burgers & Bullets (competition style), Gauntlet (gun fighting over terrain), shotgun, etc.


You name it, we do it or will get it on the schedule.

Another unique aspect of this club is the training equipment we use. UT45 is a non-profit club. All event fees go right back into the club. We use these events fees to buy training equipment that helps us all get better!

So far this year, the club has purchased (4) 12x20 AR500 steel torso targets, (2) range emergency blow out medical kits, (7) rubber dummy targets and other safety equipment to mark all the firing points and lanes. Our President and Vice-President have also purchased out of their own pocket additional items to invest in the success of the club. Things like (7) additional steel torso 12x20 targets, (3) 3/4 size steel AR550 targets and other safety items.

Showing up at a UT-45 event for the first time, a guest would find a safe, professionally run and organized range, as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We believe in UT45! Future training items will be ordered in May to add to the fun. We have vehicles that we use for the vehicle counter ambush training. How many times have you ever had the chance to conduct live fire out of a car? You can’t do that on most ranges in Utah.

Come on out to an event. You’ll enjoy yourself, pay a modest fee (you couldn’t touch a course anywhere else for what we charge) and you’ll make some new friends.

We look forward to seeing you at a UT45 Shooters Club event in the future.



Membership Application


10 Essentials - Gear List


Range Conduct & Safety


Name Tape Order Form


Standard Operating Procedures 



What sort of classes and training does UT45 do? 

When joining UT45, you can expect classes and training on rifle, pistol, and advanced tactical shooting. Our events are designed for people anywhere from beginner to advanced levels.


  • Introduction to the AR15

  • Home Defense With Your Long Gun

  • Intermediate events

  • Advanced events

  • Shoot-Move-Communicate with your partner

  • Fun Shoots (Zombie shoot)


  • Introduction to the semi-automatic handgun

  • Low-Light Defensive Pistol

  • Gun Fighting with A Partner

  • Steel challenge events


  • Vehicle Counter Ambush Course

  • Low-Light Vehicle CQB

  • Convoy Operations

  • Long Range Rifle

  • Defensive Pistol I, II and III

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